Soulgivers Core Set 2020 Kickstarter Edition

Limited Stock!

Everything you need to play Soulgivers plus all the non-exclusive unlocked stretch goals inside the box.

  • All core set cards upgraded to Black Core 310gsm (top durability paper);
  • Tiles upgraded to UV spot game tiles with glossy finish UV protection;
  • A 2vs2 gameplay mode;
  • A pair of 2 new Anomalies; 
  • First print numbered holo-sticker
  • Soulgivers official stickers while stock lasts


  • 31x31x8cm box
  • 20 Sougivers cards in two decks (120x70mm)
  • 20 Soulgivers: Shells and Specters (30x10mm)
  • 20 Translucent Souls: Shells and Specters (30x10mm)
  • 20 Anomaly cards (63x88mm)
  • 2 Population Abilities: Shell and Specter (70x120mm)
  • 25 Tiles, double-layered with inserts (80x80mm)
  • 1 Magnetic Fragment 
  • 20 Modifiers
  • 4 Translucent Portals
  • 1 Barrier
  • 8 Decay Dice with the Decay showing through the transparency
  • 8 Tribute Essences
  • 1 First-player coin in metal
  • 4 Turn and Ability Recap cards (120x70mm|210x148mm) 
  • 1 Rulebook - It includes the first short story: "The Age of Decay"


€ 75,00


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