Collect the fragment
absorb the souls
save your people

Enter the multiverse

Collect the Fragment and Save Your World from the Decay.

SOULGIVERS is a strategy board game for 2 or 4 players in which you are called to lead your people and their heroes in a desperate fight for survival.

Combine the Soulgivers’ Abilities, collect the Souls of the fallen heroes to boost those still alive, and deliver the Fragment to your Portals to win. Whatever your strategy is, hurry up: as the turns progress, the Decay consumes your Soulgivers with each and every turn, until it destroys them.

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Design Meets Board Game.

Soulgivers is a visual experiment and an authorial project. In Soulgivers, each component is designed and developed in order to create a perfect balance between game aesthetics and gameplay functionality and to present the players with an unprecedented experience. 

The result is a game with essential shapes and tactile materials, impactful colors and wonderful illustrations created with a mixed photographic technique that comes from visual research carried out over the years by the author, Luca Cervini.

Lead the Soulgivers

master their incredible power

Absorb the souls

form devastating combos

Capture the fragment

and complete your mission

Strategy and Control
of the Battlefield.

Only with the best combinations of Soulgivers and Souls can you survive the Decay that is ravaging your universe. Do you have what it takes to win?

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Two Universes,
One Goal.

Shells and Specters are the first population to fight to conquer the Fragment. And you, which side are you on?

Discover the Soulgivers

What Does Death Look Like to an Immortal Population?

For those who have never conceived life as an accidental path destined to end and have always benefited from an immutable eternity of a cold and silent universe, death had no face…

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The Decay Begins Here


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Is Your Soul Ready?

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