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Read all the Short Stories about the Decay and Uncover the Mysteries of the First Ring

A cycle of stories

The Soulgivers lore is composed of an anthology of short stories that narrate the events surrounding the Decay, the multifaceted cosmic disease that emerged from the destruction of the First Ring, the artificial planet that made possible multiple realities.

Each short story is a small fragment of the multiverse realities and shows a glimpse of the diversity of the peoples involved and the role of the Soulgivers, the ancient protectors of existence whose origins are lost in the folds of time.

Write your story

The Legends of Soulgivers are the unofficial stories written by fans. If you want to participate in this collective narrative, send us short stories about populations of your imagination that take place in the Soulgivers multiverse. The best ones will be published on this page and on our channels!

Official stories

The age of decay

What does death look like to an immortal population? A strange flash of light and a sinister black snow have brought a cosmic disease upon the Shells, who now find themselves suddenly fragile, weak, brittle, just like their sunny land made of deserts. A group of legendary heroes are called to the rescue to find a cure for the Decay, and this will soon lead them into a war against an unexpected enemy. But once at the battlefield, they discover a terrible truth.

The crystal people

On the Specters’ planet, in the glacial Genesis Room, the Architect is using their power to forge countless anthropomorphic sculptures to soothe the dreams that torment them. But a dark wave invades and destroys the city and reaches them.

As reality is collapsing and every glimmer of normality is vanishing, the Architect is forced to make a terrible decision.

Is Your Soul Ready?

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