The Populations

Shells and specters

Two Alternative Realities Fighting for Survival

Parallel universes, mysterious heroes

Who are really the Soulgivers? And why do they all share the same destiny threatened by the Decay? 

Each Soulgiver exists in two variants coming from parallel universes and characterized by a different Soul and appearance depending on the people they belong to. The Shells and the Specters are the first peoples of the Multiverse affected by the Decay and the first creatures who became aware of the existence of a world outside of their own.


Shells live on a planet covered with deserts and are rooted in their land and traditions. Their Souls have the consistency of a dense, bright, orange liquid, scorching hot to the touch like lava.

The Shell bodies are made up of many layers of skin and hard membranes, forming odd, anthropomorphic shells, with geometric shapes and balance that go beyond our comprehension.


Specters are dark creatures who are dedicated to science and the study of life. They have unstable Souls which can change density that can even appear as an intangible fog.

The Specters’ bodies are made of a glass-like material, under which their fluid teal Soul can be seen, and are hidden under cloaks of organic fabrics of unknown origin.


Manipulates their surroundings by changing the structure of the battlefield.

"The Architect had a dream, and it was a god’s dream. They wanted to create life with their own hands, molding raw material and shaping them into their vision. But the Decay has worn the Architect’s soul out and nipped their utopia in the bud. Now, what their mind designs on this trembling earth has the irregular trace of a wound".

The Architect is destined to build the future of their species and has a deep desire to create an entire ecosystem; they live in need of manipulating matter and searching for the meaning of existence in their works. They can break down their surroundings at will in order to rebuild it according to their own desires. The Architect is the one who will shape the new world.

  • Abilities: Mold
  • Aura: /
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An empty being capable of bending others’ will to their own needs.

"Where you see an empty body and feel fear for what you do not understand, I feel the eternal pain of a creature that was designed to never feel empathy, joy, nor pain. An imperfect being that is complete only when they are bound to another creature, completely nullify the will of their host and making them their own, subjugating them, manipulating them in order to taste their emotions".

The Volomancer is a being emptied of any form of self-awareness. Lacking an identity, they live by subjugating the mind of others and making it their own, trying to feel part of a reality whose meaning they do not understand. If they wish, they can push their victims to commit tragic and desperate actions, obliterating any sense of self-preservation. In the new world, it is the Volomancer who will trace the countless paths of thought.

  • Abilities: Mind Control + Acquiescence
  • Aura: /
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Disorients and bewilders the opponents by quickly changing the surroundings.

"I can't tell if it's the crazy gestures or that shrill, ragged cry of theirs that makes me nauseous and disoriented. My legs tremble, unable to support my body. I collapse as I see paths of an absurd labyrinth swirl around me and then tighten onto me, suffocating me".

For this mysterious being, who is a prisoner of their own lucid madness, reality is a mosaic of fragile pieces that can be manipulated according to patterns only they know. In the new world, it is the Confuser who will distribute light and shadow in the chaotic labyrinths of the minds.

  • Abilities: Chaos
  • Aura: Vertigo
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Travels the cosmos, crosses black holes, and teleports in an instant anywhere they desire.

"I swear. Touching their tired hand intoxicated me, I felt the strange sensation of being, for just a moment, like them. Just then, I felt like I too was a bridge between unimaginable distances, the living promise of a cosmic journey beyond all possible boundaries. They disappeared on the threshold of a black hole and left me here".

Thanks to their ability to cross black holes as if they were wormholes, the Spacewalker considers the distance between two spaces as a meaningless concept. For this extraordinary being, no place is unknown, and they call home every remote corner of the universe. It is the Spacewalker who will herald the news of the new world to their people.

  • Abilities: Teleportation
  • Aura: Wormhole
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An unreachable and unstoppable superluminal creature; they are the very essence of speed.

"A deafening roar, then a leap over our heads, our gazes we marked with unfulfilled wonder, always too slow to catch them in time. We could only perceive traces of their fragile body that split and stretched as it was overloaded with speed, and it was immediately elsewhere".

The Runner is a being capable of covering unimaginable distances in the span of a breath. They can break through the sound barrier by simply walking and exceed the speed of light with just one leap. At full speed, their Soul expands, leaving a dense trail in the ether. It is the Runner who will give the initial push to the new world.

  • Abilities: Leap
  • Aura: Superluminal Speed
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An inscrutable bulwark in defense of the weak and the colossal guardian of existence.

"One day, we found ourselves meditating among the ruins of their titanic body. We were grains of sand in the presence of a mountain whose paths corroborated our senses and whose luminous rivers rekindled our Souls of hope".

The Protector is the ancient refuge and last bastion of the people, a giant sacred being in close synergy with the environment. They are a scrupulous observer and stoic warrior who offers protection to all allies within their range. It is said that the Protector can see simultaneously in all direction and beyond any boundary. In the new world, they will be the shield defending the secret of life.

  • Abilities: Charge
  • Aura: Sacred Ground
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A mad demigod whose body transcends reality and generates frightening black holes.

"You will not understand the Holemaker's intentions without first losing your wits and lucidity. You will find him in command of a bizarre instrument, consuming the dark matter of the universe. They are surrounded by dead stars and odorous liquids. Their body spews infinite black holes".

The Holemaker is a mad being whose nightmares transcend reality and flow into the farthest reaches of the cosmic space. They can manipulate the space-time rules and shape chaos with their tools, producing a new matter that generates black holes when mixed with Souls. It is the Holemaker who devours the stars and gives birth to the darkness.

  • Abilities: Black Void + Tear
  • Aura: Antigravitonic
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Controls the winds and generates devastating tornadoes that can sweep away any enemy.

"We looked up at the sky and saw that the clouds, swollen and overloaded with hate, opened like a curtain. And then they appeared. The majestic creature descended among us without ever touching the ground, for only the air was worthy to hold their body. A tornado slithered out of their mouth and came down fierce on the enemy".

Being able to control the atmosphere of an entire planet, the Blower has the devastating ability to produce tornadoes and storms that can hurl away anything that stands in the way of their people’s. It is the Blower who will usher in the winds of change.

  • Abilities: tornado
  • Aura: /
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Tears and devours the enemies’ soul absorbing all their power.

"They stood over it, hunched over in an unnatural pose, their head dangling and their eyes fixated on it, their hands like claws rummaging through the dense and still warm Soul of the corpse. They tore off dense and muddy shreds and chewed them with greed, emanating a new frightening energy".

Solitary and tormented, the Ghost appears disinterested in the salvation of their peoples. Having an immaterial body, what fuels their personal warfare is the desire to absorb new souls, regardless of the race to which they belong. When they locate a Soul, the Ghost attracts themselves and eagerly feeds on it to discover the history and emotions it contains. They are known as the spirit that will guide the world beyond matter.

  • Abilities: Eradicate
  • Aura: Incorporeal
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Covers chaos under their cloaks of stillness and annihilates all enemy action with their presence.

"They stared at us in silence, staying so still that they did not even seem like a living being. The mute being imprisoned the chaos inside themselves, between the cracks of their skin we saw all the darkness they could curb without letting out a single moan. We felt a sensation of absolute terror and total annihilation".

Keeper of unspeakable secrets, repairer of emptiness and absurdity, the Patcher is a mysterious and mute creature capable of absorbing chaos and nullifying any will to action on the part of those around them with their mere presence. In the new world, the Patcher will weave the veil that covers the truth.

  • Abilities: Patch + Update
  • Aura: Hush
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Turns Souls into a weapon of destruction and hurls them at opponents.

"When the battle seemed lost, seeing their arrival awakened hope in us. They swung their hammer with unprecedented ferocity and enjoyed the Soul splashing and staining their helmet as they made their way through the dead enemy bodies. Not even a thousand warriors could appease their wrath".

The Soulcrusher is an armored fighter who is summoned in the most desperate situations, a being who is immune to both pain and fear. They are inseparable from their giant hammer, the titanic weapon they use to absorb and transmute the Souls of fallen heroes, to then throw them at the enemies as devastating projectiles. The Soulcrusher is an unstoppable being whose weapon will bring justice to the streets of the new world.

  • Abilities: Soulstrike
  • Aura: /
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Controls the Decay and consumes their opponents by enveloping them with darkness and pain.

"We could not win the war without losing our honor. Carrying the secrets of the Decay means paying a huge price, and the Aeger has given everything they had to succeed. They aguishly wander, sowing terror among the remains of First Ring, while their battered and deformed body reminds us of our faults for our ambitions".

No one truly knows the Aeger’s origins, but this legendary Soulgiver’s body has been altered by its symbiosis with the Decay. The being moves through the streets like a death angel, obsessed with disease and the loss of their people’s immortality. They sow the plague of contagion everywhere while preaching the beauty of destruction. The Aeger has fed on the Decay and, in the attempt to understand it and govern it, they have lost their identity forever. In the new world, it is the Aeger who will represent the transience of existence and the eternal mystery of death.

  • Abilities: Infection + Magnificent Decay
  • Aura: /
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Encourages their fellow heroes and subdues the enemy by whispering ancient litanies.

"Multiple stringy bubbles came out of their head. They floated in the air making the battlefield a magical, surreal place. As the bubbles began to burst, we heard comforting words, seeds of courage that sprouted in our minds. They gave us the push we needed to not give up".

The powerful voice, wonderful and comforting as it is sharp and debilitating, is commanded by a creature who has been sated by boundless wisdom acquired through meditation and study. The Whisperer, little inclined to combat, is extremely loyal to their siblings. They are a creature dedicated to caring for the physical and spiritual health of their siblings. In the new world, it is the Whisperer who will be the narrative voice of change.

  • Abilities: Word of Encouragement + Word of Discouragement
  • Aura: /
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Creates Gates in the air, precious portals to observe and reach every place.

"They looked at me and motioned for me to stop. They raised their sharpened staff with solemn elegance. With its tip, they cut the air and a circular gash appeared in front of my eyes. So, I peeked through it and observed: I saw an unknown place, it was only one step away from me".

The Gatekeeper is a guardian of space-time whose particular quarterstaff is the key to open the Gates, temporary portals used to connect two remote places. The purpose of the Gates is to allow the Soulgivers not only to cover long distances in an instant, but to also simply observe what happens on the other side, while staying safe. In the new world, it is the Gatekeeper who will be the guardian of all dwellings.

  • Abilities: Gate
  • Aura: Link
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