The Game / Core set

The fragment is the cure

Only You Can Stop the Decay

Core set:

The Soulgivers Core Set contains everything you need for 1vs1 and 2vs2 challenges between players who are ready to lead the first two populations in conflict, the Shells and the Specters, to conquer the Fragment.

Choose your favorite combinations from a selection of 10 multi-faceted heroes and use your cunning to make the most of the Soulgiver abilities in the game. Take advantage of the walls of the map to protect yourself and turn black holes into death traps. Teleport, create devastating tornadoes, or silence the enemies at the right moment. The Decay has begun and only you can stop it!

Game rules

Unique abilities

Choose your initial roster and master their devastating abilities, travel through black holes, control the mind of your enemies, and discover countless other possibilities!

Strategic death

Collect the Souls of your fallen Soulgivers and pour their power into those struggling to survive, always creating new combos between your heroes!

Dynamic board

Control an ever-changing battlefield and mold it according to your goal. Find the best strategy that leads you to your victory!


Your opponent isn't the only threat. The Decay plagues your Soulgivers and consumes them one action after the other. Don't waste any time!

No life points

Every attack is deadly if your shields aren't facing the right direction. Will you be able to predict your opponent's next move?

High replaybility

Experiment with countless Soulgivers combinations, win in ever-changing ways, and get stronger and stronger!


20 Soulgivers
20 Soulgivers
20 Soulgivers Cards
20 Anomaly Cards
2 People Skills Cards
2 Player Actions Cards
2 Soulgivers Skill Cards
1 Magnetic Fragment
10 Tribute Essences
8 Decay Dice
25 Tiles
20 Modifiers
4 Portals
1 Barrier
1 First Player Token
1 Rulebook

20 Soulgivers

The heroes of the game are represented by minimal shapes and icons. Each token is designed to interlock with the Fragment and the Souls.

20 Souls

The Soul contains the power of a Soulgiver. It can be absorbed by allies, and it interlocks under the Soulgiver token.

1 Fragment

The Fragment is the only cure to the Decay. Deliver it to a Portal to win the game. It's magnetic!

20 Soulgivers cards

Each Soulgiver is represented by a card in two versions, one for each population. 120x70 mm black core cards.

20 anomaly cards

Create the necessary conditions to play these instant cards and disrupt the opponent’s strategy. 63 x 88 mm black core cards.

25 tiles

Each tile is double layered with custom inserts for Soulgivers and Souls. They have walls or black holes printed on them. 80 x 80 mm.

20 modifiers

They modify the cells of the board on which they are placed thanks to some special Soulgivers’ abilities. Size 40 x 40 mm.

8 decay dice

They represent the course of the disease as the turns advance or as the Soulgivers use some specific actions. When a Decay die reaches 6, the Soulgiver dies.

2 populations cards

Special powers the populations have and that can be used only once per game. 120x70 mm black core cards.

4 portals

They are the entry point into the game for the Soulgivers and the area where the Fragment must be delivered to in order to win the game.

1 barrier

A source of unknown energy that blocks the Fragment at the beginning of the game. It must be destroyed to gain access to the artifact.

4 recap cards

A set of cards for each player that summarizes the game turn and the Soulgivers abilities. 120x70 mm and A5 format.

1 token

A collectible metallic token that you can use to decide which player should go fist at the beginning of the game and keep track of turns.

1 rulebook

The Soulgivers rulebook contains the first short story, “The Age of Decay.” 29 x 25 cm.

for the details:

In the Soulgivers aesthetics, every detail is intentional, and the result is an authorial vision shown through the game’s transparencies, symbols, finishes, colors, and essential shapes. Every single piece comes from our love and pursuit of beauty and functionality on the game board.