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In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.


Do you have a shop or are you a retailer and you’re interested in Soulgivers? Contact us at giulia@soulgiversgame.comwith your offer or request!

At the moment, we are looking for shops and chain stores that are interested in Soulgivers. In addition to creating a stable partnership with our collaborators, we aim to promote our retailers on our social media pages and provide them with the necessary digital marketing materials.


Are you a distributor and you’re interested in collaborating with Gravity Games? Contact us at so that we can find a commercial agreement together.

We want to bring Soulgivers to board game players all over the world as possible and we need to your help!


If you are a reviewer, a blogger, a journalist, and you would like to request a complimentary copy to review Soulgivers, please email us at

Currently, there is only a limited number of copies available for reviewers. If we don't have a copy of the game ready to ship, we can put you on the waiting list and ship you one as soon as it's available!

Interviews and live

If you are interested in organizing a live show or an interview with us or you want to invite us to your event, please contact us at

Lo staff di Soulgivers è sempre disponibile e pronto a fare due chiacchiere con la community e condividere la propria esperienza!

Press kit

Click on the button here above and download our press kit to receive all the Soulgivers multiverse material you need: logos, illustrations, photos and much more.

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Question and requests

For any question, rule clarification, information on the Soulgivers components, or to just simply say hi, contact us at or fill the form here below.

We’re always available to provide any information you require and happy to help you.

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